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Bank Tiers

Bank tier or size — that is, the size of the bank in relation to other banks — depends  on the relative size to the overall banking market in terms of total banking assets as provided by the balance sheet of the bank. This type of comparison – across tiers – makes sense in relation to a particular country or region that define that specific banking marketplace. For this reason Gartner has preferred to adopt a localized definition of bank tiers that depends on 11 different regions that cluster together countries of similar economic and business homogeneity and avoid a generic global definition of bank tiers that would not allow proper comparison between the largest banks of different regions.

These regions determine the size ranges that define each bank tier. In particular, the following table provides full guidance (full explanation available to Gartner clients in the report Core Banking Selection Beyond the Magic Quadrant) on how to determine the correct bank tier per each bank:



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