IT Glossary

SCE (supply chain execution)

Supply chain execution (SCE) is focused on execution-oriented applications, including warehouse management systems (WMSs), transportation management systems (TMSs), global trade management (GTM) systems and other execution applications, such as real-time decision support systems (for example, dynamic routing and dynamic sourcing systems) and supply chain visibility systems within the enterprise, as well as throughout the extended supply chain. Sometimes, order management systems are also included in SCE, but, generally, Gartner does not include order management in its definition of SCE. Typical modules and applications include:


  • WMSs:
    • Labor management systems
    • Yard/dock management
    • Returns management
    • Inventory control


  • TMSs:
    • Domestic transportation management software
    • Global multimodal transportation management (managing transportation around multimodal processes)


  • GTM systems:
    • Trade compliance
    • International/global logistics
    • Global order management
    • Global trade financial management

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