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Research Documents - Internal Use

Only you, the Licensed User, may access and open Gartner Research documents. You may access and open as many documents within the scope of your Research Service as you like, so long as the documents are for your own personal use in your job. We understand, in the course of using the Gartner Research that you may need to share the knowledge you have learned from Gartner internally with your colleagues. Provided below are the various ways in which you can do that:

1.  Print one copy: If you'd like a hard copy of any individual Gartner Research document, you're free to print one (1) copy for your own personal use in your job role (multiple copies are not permitted unless part of a standard product offering).

2.  Impart your Knowledge internally within Client organization: You may want to impart some of the content or knowledge you've learned from Gartner Research to colleagues on your project team or in your company's management. There are a number of ways you can do this:

Usage Scenarios for Research Documents within your Company

SCENARIO 1: Use of Gartner Research Documents by Licensed User

Acceptable Uses

SCENARIO 2: Summarizing Gartner Content

Acceptable Uses

SCENARIO 3: Excerpting & Quoting Gartner Content

Acceptable Uses

Unacceptable Uses