Author Bios

Jackie Fenn
Vice President, Gartner Fellow
Jackie Fenn is a vice president and Gartner fellow in emerging trends at Gartner. She advises leading enterprises on emerging technology, societal and business trends and on emerging technology management issues. She has created numerous models and frameworks for examining trends and technologies, and is the originator of the Gartner hype cycle model, which has been adopted by press and organizations worldwide to explain how technologies move from hype to disillusionment and beyond.

Ms Fenn works with organizations to define and apply best practices in establishing and running an emerging technology group, including how to track, prioritize, evaluate and transfer emerging technologies, with a particular focus on ensuring that the technologies are applied to key business priorities. As part of her technology tracking activities, she leads teams of analysts across Gartner to identify which technologies and trends will have the most significant impact on business and society, and which will fall by the wayside. She provides drill-down analysis and advice on emerging user interface technologies such as augmented reality and surface computers, and assesses the impact of longer-term technologies such as mobile robots and human augmentation.

Ms Fenn has over twenty five years of experience in advanced information technology assessment, project management and system development. She was formally a principal consultant at Logica North America, where she was responsible for artificial intelligence activities within the US. She consulted to commercial and government organizations about the appropriate application of intelligent technologies, and designed and built expert systems for a range of tasks, including product formulation and medical diagnosis. She also created prototypes for early research into multimedia and interactive television. Prior to that she was a senior consultant at Logica's R&D facility in Cambridge, England, working on applications of knowledge-based systems, speech recognition and natural language processing. Ms Fenn's degree is in Computational Linguistics and Modern Languages from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, England.

Mark Raskino
Vice President, Gartner Fellow
Mark Raskino is a vice president and Gartner fellow in the Emerging Trends group of Gartner Research. Mr. Raskino researches emerging business technology megatrends, analyzes how CEO agendas impact IT, and co-authors Gartner's annual "CIO Resolutions." He also co-chairs Gartner's annual Emerging Trends (Spring) Symposium.

In previous roles at Gartner, Mr. Raskino has led real-time enterprise, cost containment and B2C e-business. Before joining Gartner, Mr. Raskino was a senior e-business manager at British Airways following prior work on loyalty programs, airport operations and revenue management systems. Early in his career, Mr. Raskino worked in IT departments in telecommunications and oil industries.

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