The STREET Process

Mastering The Hype Cycle reveals that good adoption decisions are based on the determination of three key factors: what is most valuable to your company, how mature a new innovation currently is, and how open or averse your company is to risk. Using vivid company examples, the authors outline the STREET process—Scope, Track, Rank, Evaluate, Evangelize, and Transfer—and show how each of these steps lead to sounder adoption decisions in real-world situations. Managers will learn how to:

  • SCOPE: decide what your company values and determine your company's ability and desire to manage risk
  • TRACK: seek out relevant innovations from a broad range of sources and track their progress along the hype cycle to notice relevant advances in their maturity
  • RANK: identify innovations that look most likely to bring significant benefits to your organization within a timeframe that fits your risk profile
  • EVALUATE: use research, prototypes and pilots to better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with adopting each innovation; make strategic decisions about which innovations to adopt, which to shelve and revisit, and just as important, which innovations not to adopt
  • EVANGELIZE: rally support for the chosen innovation with key players who can help champion the innovation and ensure its operational success
  • TRANSFER: spark the enthusiasm and sense of ownership required for the innovation to take hold
For anyone charged with making decisions about whether and when to adopt a new product, technology, process, or idea, Mastering The Hype Cycle provides a disciplined, proven approach to choosing and timing the right innovations for your company's success.