How many times has your company jumped on the "next big thing" and gotten burned—or failed to seize an opportunity and been left behind by competitors? Now, this market-tested approach offers a smarter way to sort through the hype and choose the right innovations—at the right time—for your company.
Mastering the Hype Cycle addresses this crucial issue of innovation adoption by presenting the only model of its type to move beyond general observation. The Hype Cycle has been used as a predictive management decision tool, tracking thousands of innovations over more than a decade.

Mastering the Hype Cycle lays out a disciplined, benefits-led approach to innovation adoption to replace the typical hype-driven approach. Too often, organizations invest in a new technology or management model—like Web 2.0 or green business—just because hopes and expectations for it are high. Or they ignore or delay an opportunity to invest just because an innovation is not living up to early expectations. The book shows how to drill down into the trade-offs that must be made when prioritizing a set of possible innovations.

Drawing on company examples and Gartner's proven STREET framework (Scope, Track, Rank, Evaluate, Evangelize, Transfer), the authors show how to orchestrate every key step in the innovation-adoption process—from choosing which innovations to take on and when in their lifecycle you should adopt, to paving the way for a successful introduction.

By offering valuable advice for adopting the right innovation at the right time, Mastering the Hype Cycle gives you the tools to remain ahead of the curve—in any market condition.