Critical Capabilities

With increasing priorities, it’s nearly impossible to evaluate digital vendors and their products and services with any depth. How do you pinpoint those that are best suited to impact your business?

The Gartner Critical Capabilities research does the heavy lifting, clarifying and speeding up the decision process. 

A companion to the Magic Quadrant, Critical Capabilities dives deeper into a group of competing products and digital services, rating their ability to solve unique challenges.

How does a Critical Capabilities report work? 

A Critical Capabilities report defines the most common and essential challenges that a product or service should address. Then it rates and scores products or services based on how well they meet those defined challenges. It makes it simple to see which offerings are best equipped to meet specific challenges face, and which fall short. 

Used together, Critical Capabilities and Magic Quadrants provide powerful insight on the vendors in a marketplace, product and service offerings, and their respective abilities to meet marketers’ unique needs today and into the future. 

Our clients use the Gartner Critical Capabilities to:

  • Gain deeper insight into vendor product and service offerings
  • Create a vendor shortlist through objective ratings, with insight on how well products and services meet their unique needs
  • Understand which products and services are the best fit for specific business challenges
  • Develop better RFPs that align software, technology or service offering requirements with more clarity
  • Conduct more informed strategic planning with insights into the digital partners and capabilities that are best aligned to drive the business forward