Evaluation Criteria

Simplify a time-consuming vendor selection process by focusing on the features and functions of marketing technologies that have the greatest potential to impact business. 

Looking for insights to jumpstart RFIs and improve the quality of your RFPs? 

Gartner Evaluation Criteria helps align marketer’s objectives to solution requirements, informing evaluations and discussions with potential vendors. 

Develop better RFPs and avoid costly mistakes by identifying the right vendor and solution to fit your unique needs.   

How does Evaluation Criteria work? 

Gartner Evaluation Criteria provide measureable benchmarks to weigh how well a vendor and their service or solution will support marketing’s goals. Clients use it to develop rankings and evaluate potential partners based on their ability to execute and their long-term strategic plan to support the marketing department’s needs today and into the future. 

Our clients use the Gartner Evaluation Criteria to:

  • Identify the critical features and functions of marketing technologies that matter most
  • Inform the vendor evaluation and bidding process
  • Create better RFIs and RFPs