Jake Sorofman

Research Vice President

A former CMO, Jake analyzes digital marketing strategy, trends and practices, with an emphasis on mobile, social and content marketing and digital marketing operations. He helps clients use these techniques to engage customers, evangelize their brands, grow revenue and transform their business.

Jake has a track record of guiding companies through multiple phases of growth--from market acceptance through scalable revenue--via high-impact digital, social and authority marketing strategy and execution.

Previously, Jake founded a boutique content marketing agency and held marketing and other leadership roles with software startups and established tech companies. He blended content and communications strategies into high-impact brand engagement.

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Top 5 Challenges That I Help Clients Tackle

  1. How should the CMO adjust the vision and strategy of marketing to embrace digital marketing?
  2. What are the best practices in building and managing digital marketing programs?
  3. How should marketers evaluate the business potential of a new digital trend or technique?
  4. Which companies are the leaders in employing mobile marketing effectively and why?
  5. What strategies, processes and best practices will enable CMO’s and marketing leaders to succeed in social marketing?
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The CMO’s currency is the customer—customer voice, value, valence and, often, the experience itself.

— CMOs Finally Get Some Respect


Jake’s experience in helping business leaders, CMO’s and marketing professionals make sense of the digital landscape is informed by his previous roles with:


Founding Partner


Senior Vice President, Marketing and Business Development

Mercury Interactive Corporation

Vice President, Product Marketing


Chief Marketing Officer

6th Sense Analytics

Vice President, Marketing

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