Kirsten Newbold-Knipp
Research Director

Kirsten Newbold-Knipp analyzes digital marketing strategy, trends and practices, with an emphasis on content marketing, digital commerce, marketing technology and marketing management. Ms. Newbold-Knipp helps marketing leaders take advantage of new and proven digital tools and techniques to engage customers, grow revenue and transform their brands.

Previously, Kirsten practiced marketing for 12 years, including leadership roles at SaaS marketing and commerce software companies HubSpot and Bigcommerce.

Top 5 Issues That I Help Clients Address

  • What strategies, processes and best practices will enable CMO’s and marketing leaders to succeed in digital commerce?
  • How should I be thinking about my role in digital commerce?
  • What are the best practices in building and managing digital marketing teams and cultures?
  • How should digital marketing programs be measured and optimized?
  • How are marketers implementing emerging digital trends and techniques for business advantage?


Newbold Stone

Vice President, Marketing


Senior Director, Sales & Marketing


Vice President, Marketing, Product Marketing & Brand


Director, Product Marketing/Evangelism

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