Digital Commerce

54% of marketing organizations have ultimate responsibility for digital commerce.

Plan, organize and execute successful digital commerce strategies that deliver impact, insight and results.


Deliver measurable impact and memorable experiences

Plan, organize and execute digital commerce strategies with clarity and confidence. Our customized action plan delivers a focused road map that empowers you to achieve short and long-term digital commerce goals in an evolving digital landscape.

Plan Features

Gap Assessment
Step-by-Step Guides
Industry Best Practices
Capabilities Evaluations
Skills Assessment

Digital Commerce Research and Methodologies

Drive results with ongoing research and proven methodologies that can help bridge the gap between your digital commerce investments and a measurable return.

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Digital Commerce Research Focus for 2017
Build and accelerating your digital commerce strategy
Maximize customer lifetime value with digital commerce
Create a marketing strategy for digital commerce
Using search and email marketing to drive digital commerce
Choosing a digital commerce platform
Personalizing digital commerce

By 2018, companies that consumerize their B2B digital commerce sites will see market share gains and revenue increases of as much as 25%.

‘Drive B2B Revenue Growth With B2C Digital Commerce Best Practices’ -
Kirsten Newbold-Knipp

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