Adam Sarner specializes in digital marketing strategy and technology, including multichannel marketing, lead management, social and mobile marketing, and customer experience management. He serves marketers, helping them assess and take advantage of innovative and emerging marketing trends and put them to business use.

Previously, Adam was responsible for developing CRM applications in the insurance industry.


Areas of Focus

Multichannel Marketing and Communications 

Customer Experience Strategy and Design

Marketing Technology and Emerging Trends

Social Marketing 

Leading and Managing Marketing



Signal Administration

Senior Manager

Top 3 Issues That I Help Clients Address

  1. What are the top considerations for designing and executing successful multichannel marketing?
  2. What combination of digital techniques, channels and processes is the most effective for attracting, acquiring and retaining loyal and profitable customers?
  3. What are the evolving criteria for choosing technology and service providers to help develop and manage multichannel marketing?


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