Benjamin Bloom

Sr Director Analyst

Benjamin Bloom is a Senior Director Analyst at the Marketing Technology and Emerging Trends domain at Gartner.

Mr. Bloom's experience spans customer engagement, direct response, CRM, data management, analytics, web development and brand marketing roles, as both a Consultant/Strategist and Client-Side Team Leader. He has developed and optimized marketing campaigns, as well as selected and implemented technology and advertising solutions for over 10 years. Prior to entering the marketing world, he analyzed the technology, media and telecommunications industries at the Columbia Institute for Tele-Information at Columbia University.


Areas of Focus



Mapp Digital
Senior Digital Strategist

Competitor Group
Director, Digital Engagement

Senior Digital Strategist

Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

  1. What platforms, tools and services should marketers use to compete in an increasingly digital world?
  2. What combination of digital techniques, channels and processes is the most effective for attracting, acquiring and retaining loyal and profitable customers?
  3. How do marketers get the most out of their existing marketing investments before bringing new vendors into the fold?
  4. What are the top considerations for designing and executing successful multichannel marketing?


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