Jay Wilson

Sr Director Analyst

Jay Wilson focuses on helping clients achieve optimal results in social marketing, with an emphasis on measurable results and impacts to customer experience. Previously, he led social marketing efforts at a large digital advertising agency in New York, with hands-on experience in the airline, CPG and high-tech industries. Mr. Wilson also helps marketers with their agency selection processes, including RFP development, pitch process, and ongoing management of agency resources.


Before joining Gartner, the primary focus of Mr. Wilson was on using social media insights to inform advertising, marketing and customer service efforts online and offline. Major roles also included: - Social media strategy: Aligning and leveraging social media in the U.S. and abroad to achieve customer engagement and branding objectives while delivering positive ROI. - Social media listening: Using proprietary and off-the-shelf tools to monitor consumer conversations, analyze sentiment, identify key brand opportunities and consumer pain points and track competitive activity. - Social media customer service: Helping clients achieve best-in-class social customer service operations by setting and monitoring service levels and staffing requirements, creating content and escalation processes and building influencer networks, while aligning with branding. - Metrics and reporting: Developing marketing and executive-level dashboards to deliver quantitative analysis of social reach, engagement and ROI across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. - Crisis management: Providing near-real-time analysis of social and mainstream media reports during high-visibility events.


Areas of Focus



Vice President, Group Director, Customer Insights

Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

  1. How do I improve the effectiveness of my social marketing efforts?
  2. How do I measure the impact of my social marketing efforts?
  3. How do I select tools and technologies to help optimize my social marketing?
  4. How do I select the right agency for my business?
  5. How do I optimize my agency relationships?



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