Laurel Erickson

Sr Director Analyst

Laurel Erickson analyzes marketing strategy, trends and practices with an emphasis on strategic management, customer experience design and content strategy. Grounded in the firm belief that understanding and serving customer needs is just good business, she helps marketing leaders define, launch and measure large-scale digital programs that drive both business goals and customer satisfaction.

Ms. Erickson has 18 years of agency experience, where she led the development of strategies for large-scale digital initiatives for Fortune 500 companies. She worked with C-suite and VP-level clients to understand their business models and market challenges, deep-dived into industry and consumer trends, and stitched together client analytics and data to create a compelling story that motivated investment in large, transformational initiatives. Ms. Erickson also delivered thought leadership focused on current digital trends and CX experience.


Areas of Focus



Perficient Digital
Strategy Director

Senior Digital Strategist

Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

  1. How can marketing leaders leverage digital content effectively to support the business?
  2. How can marketing leaders prioritize the implementation of digital initiatives?
  3. How can marketing leaders align stakeholders across the organization to ensure success?
  4. How can customer needs be effectively tied to business goals?
  5. What are best practices for implementing digital strategies across the customer journey?



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