Lizzy Foo Kune specializes in data-driven marketing and advertising, focusing on analytics, marketing dashboards and reports, attribution modeling, customer insight and analytics, programmatic advertising, and hiring and managing marketing analytics teams. Ms. Foo Kune helps clients demonstrate business value through marketing data analysis.

Previously, Ms. Foo Kune co-created and supervised the digital analytics and data science capability for Nina Hale, a full-service digital agency in Minneapolis. Her work focused on connecting data to business outcomes, emphasizing the importance of cohesive measurement strategies, organized tag management and analytics implementation, and various approaches to analysis.


Areas of Focus


Leading and Managing Market Insights

Marketing Data and Analytics



Nina Hale
Supervisor, Analytics and Data Science

MIT Media Lab
Research Assistant

Senior Analyst

Top 5 Issues That I Help Clients Address

  1. How do I build and deploy a marketing dashboard?
  2. How should I measure and optimize marketing and advertising?
  3. How do I select and implement marketing analytics tools, service providers, and technologies?
  4. How do I recruit, hire, and retain marketing analytics talent?
  5. How should I address problems in advertising, like advertising fraud and ad blocking?

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