Marc Brown

Sr Director Analyst

Marc Brown analyzes digital marketing strategy, trends and practices, with an emphasis on marketing management, sales enablement, content marketing, and demand generation. Mr. Brown helps marketing leaders take advantage of new and proven techniques and digital tools to engage customers, grow revenue and transform their brands by utilizing his three-in-a-box experience combining sales, marketing, and product management.

Previously, Mr. Brown practiced marketing and sales for 20 years, including leadership roles at software and services companies IBM, Wind River Systems, Intel, Polycom, and Parasoft. Before joining Gartner, he had responsibility in all areas of marketing, with a strong foundation in product management, product marketing, solutions marketing, and sales. In his most recent CMO roles, he led cross functional teams supporting all facets of marketing, sales, channel sales, and services. Mr. Brown's marketing teams were responsible for brand, PR and communications, content marketing, product marketing, campaigns, creative, and sales enablement. He has built many high-performing teams, redesigned marketing and channel processes, defined new product lines, optimized sales channels, and transformed sales enablement techniques to significantly improve customer acquisition, mix, and close rates. All of his experience is in high-tech software and services companies.


Areas of Focus



CMO and VP of NA Sales

IBM / Rational Software
Product Evangelist and Sr. Director of Product Marketing

Intel / Wind River Systems
VP Marketing Operations and Product Management

Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

  1. Strategies, processes, and best practices that will enable CMOs and marketing leaders to succeed
  2. Strategic planning and budgeting for marketing leadership
  3. Understanding organizational structures and skills to enable results-oriented agile marketing teams in today's digitally connected world
  4. Understanding how leading marketers are linking demand generation and sales enablement efforts into high-performing unified programs
  5. Balancing in-house and outsourced marketing resources to optimize marketing output, control costs, and drive innovation



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