Martin specializes in data-driven marketing and advertising technology, focusing on the use of data to improve marketing strategy, customer acquisition and retention. He helps digital marketing leaders develop actionable insights based on the analysis of campaign, site and social information.

Previously, he held positions as Vice President and Director of Strategy and Analytics at full-service global advertising and digital marketing agencies in New York City and Minneapolis. Martin is also an accomplished author. His book "House of Lies," was the basis for an original Showtime series of the same name that premiered in January 2012.


Areas of Focus

Marketing Data and Analytics

Leading and Managing Marketing

Customer Experience Strategy and Design




Director, Analytics

Booz & Company

Senior Associate


Vice President / Director, Strategy & Analysis

MTV Networks

Head Writer

Top 5 Issues That I Help Clients Address

  1. Develop and execute a multichannel measurement plan to determine and optimize the impact of marketing programs.
  2. Build a framework, vendor selection, and internal processes for multitouch attribution, marketing mix modeling, and journey analytics.
  3. Incorporate dynamic creative and atomic storytelling, and other brand elements into a marketing plan.
  4. Understand and use big data and data science basics for marketing, including machine learning and advanced methods.
  5. Partner successfully with external service providers to supplement internal analytics teams.


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