Digital Commerce

54% of marketing organizations have ultimate responsibility for digital commerce. Plan, organize and execute successful digital commerce strategies that deliver impact, insight and results.

Deliver measurable impact and memorable experiences

Plan, organize and execute digital commerce strategies with clarity and confidence. Our customized action plan delivers a focused road map that empowers you to achieve short and long-term digital commerce goals in an evolving digital landscape.

Plan Features

  • Gap Assessment
  • Step-by-Step Guides
  • Industry Best Practices
  • Capabilities Evaluations
  • Skills Assessment


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Digital Commerce Research and Methodologies

Drive results with ongoing research and proven methodologies that can help bridge the gap between your digital commerce investments and a measurable return.

Digital Commerce Research Focus for 2017

  • Build and accelerating your digital commerce strategy
  • Maximize customer lifetime value with digital commerce
  • Create a marketing strategy for digital commerce
  • Using search and email marketing to drive digital commerce
  • Choosing a digital commerce platform
  • Personalizing digital commerce

Proprietary Methodologies

Digital Marketing Transit Map

Simplify the digital landscape by mapping the connections between business functions, applications and providers so that you can easily see where marketing and IT align.

Marketing Maturity Assessment

Determine your organization’s digital maturity level to define the talent and technology investments needed to push your organization forward.

Magic Quadrant Reports

Take the first step to understanding the most relevant marketing technology vendors for you. 

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