Marketing Data And Analytics

More than 2/3 of marketers plan to base most of their decisions on analytics within two years. 

Discover how leading marketers use data to revolutionize the customer experience and fuel growth.

Map a path toward mining richer opportunities

See your customers more clearly by harnessing data and analytics in the most effective and innovative ways possible. Our team will work with you to develop a tailored action plan that defines clear goals and the practical steps needed to achieve them.

Plan Features

  • Market Guides
  • Business Case
  • Industry Best Practices
  • Skills Assessment
  • Analytics Frameworks


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Marketing Data and Analytics Research and Methodologies

Chart the path from data-driven insights to market success through Gartner’s proven methodologies, techniques and ongoing research.

Marketing Data and Analytics Research Focus for 2017

  • How to advance your marketing measurement
  • How to democratize data through dashboards
  • How to increase your marketing precision
  • How to source the right data
  • How to manage marketing analytics talent
  • How to strategically outsource analytics
  • How to build a data and analytics roadmap

Proprietary Methodologies

Digital Marketing Transit Map

Simplify the digital landscape by mapping the connections between business functions, applications and providers so that you can easily see where marketing and IT align.

Magic Quadrant Reports

Take the first step to understanding the most relevant marketing technology vendors for you. 

Hype Cycle

Track the maturity of analytic techniques and technologies to determine what works best for you.

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