Social Marketing

63% of CMOs rank social marketing as a top investment area.

Discover how marketing leaders are innovating and optimizing their social investments to improve bottom line business value.


Elevate social marketing to the next level

Collaborate with Gartner to create a road map for engaging customers through social marketing. Your customized action plan prioritizes the steps and resources needed to drive maximum impact across channels.

Plan Features

Industry Best Practices
Cool Vendor Reports
Platform Evaluations
Metrics Analysis
Toolkits and Formulas

Social Marketing Research and Methodologies

Tap into innovative social marketing best practices, methodologies and ongoing research to guide successful social marketing initiatives for your brand. 

View Research Summary
Social Marketing Research Focus for 2017
How to Align Your Social Strategy to Business Objectives
How Other Marketers Are Succeeding
Marketing's Role in Social Care and One-to-One Engagement
Social Listening and Analytics Technologies
Social Marketing Management Suites
Specialty Social Marketing Point Solutions
How Messenger Apps Can Drive Customer Engagement
Understanding and Executing Emerging Content Formats

Understanding your social audience's passions can help identify interest areas previously not considered based on customer data alone.

Jay Wilson & Martin Kihn
‘Connect Social IDs and Customer Data to Create Powerful, Actionable Marketing’

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