Does age make you to have a closed mindset?

Yes! After a certain age35%

No - unrelated to age, it’s a personality trait64%

I want to say more in comments1%


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Senior Director Engineering in Travel and Hospitality, 10,001+ employees
Would love to hear your thoughts in comments beyond taking the survey
Director in Manufacturing, 1,001 - 5,000 employees
For me aging didn’t give me a closed mindset. The time I spent did give me some insight into what is likely to work and what is not, or where potential future problems may be. Some people labelled that “closed minded” or pessimistic until it happens and then suddenly I get labeled with “wisdom”

As we age we need to balance our views on how we make decisions. If we all reject ideas that failed in the past, we would never have the electric cars we have today. Google Electrobat
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Senior Director Engineering in Travel and Hospitality, 10,001+ employees

Does this experience come in the way of making decisions? Or does it inhibit the new ways of thinking just because in the past it worked out differently?
This is exactly what we call experience? But can it play a negative bias?

Director in Manufacturing, 1,001 - 5,000 employees

A closed mindset can manifest as either a negative or positive bias. Relying solely on past experiences can hinder the exploration of innovative solutions. Conversely, completely disregarding past experiences can lead to repeating mistakes. As leaders, it is essential to strike a balance by considering personal experiences, research findings, and insights from peers (perhaps through platforms like Peer Community). Ultimately, each leader must make decisions based on their own judgment. One of my former managers shared valuable advice with me: "It's time to decide. You have gathered sufficient information. Make the best-informed decision you can based on the available information. If new information emerges, we can reassess, but now is the moment to move forward." I strive to follow this approach, avoiding indecision and remaining receptive to new information that can guide me. Through continuous research, I aim to improve my decision-making abilities. While I believe I maintain an open mind, I acknowledge the importance of past experiences and accept that I may make incorrect decisions at times.

Senior Director Engineering in Travel and Hospitality, 10,001+ employees

Thank you! This is insightful!

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CTO in Software, 201 - 500 employees
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Yes - Maine did the right thing. There are too many security risks with free versions of these tools. Not enough copyright or privacy protections of data.31%

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VP of Sales in Software, 10,001+ employees
I believe that AI can automate away the busy work as a great co-pilot, but the relationship, intuition, conversation, and understanding part of sales should continue to be part of the human experience... 

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