Do you believe virtual trainings or sales kickoffs can be just as effective today as in-person events?

Yes, virtual can be just as effective67%

No, in-person is always most effective33%


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Co-Founder in Services (non-Government), 2 - 10 employees
It's always our preference to be in the room with the people that we're training. We work with global businesses, so it's rarely possible to fly out to every location they have. We run a lot of remote training or Zoom training and we've been able to keep the energy in engagement, accountability, and excitement in those sessions. We create meaningful breakout sessions where you get to see the skill, the competency, and the practice.

There are some non-negotiables like everyone needs to have their camera on, you must treat it like a real meeting and we encourage contribution to the conversation. We see in the data that only about 22% of the training is actually retained. We see the most value in coaching. When you add coaching into the mix, that retention jumps to about 88%. So we say that we're a kind of coaching organization that trains as opposed to a training organization that coaches and this would be my advice to any managers or sales leaders out there. If they're not enforced with good quality coaching, it's kind of a waste of time, effort, money, and resources.
VP of Sales Enablement in Software, 10,001+ employees
With the pandemic, you had to go virtual. A lot of companies would have live recordings and even a live chat going on so that the seller's questions would be answered right away. Our company found that hybrid worked better. It meant that we could do much more time-shifted delivery. Not follow the sun, but time-shifted. Any of the ancillary programs could be designed by regional or global groups.

Getting everybody together live is always going to be the best way. It's the level of networking and the human connection that we missed for three years. That is what needs to come back. That is what turns people from being simply a tool for you to get a job done into humans that help each other.

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CSO in Education, 2 - 10 employees

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Very likely6%


Somewhat likely22%

Somewhat unlikely11%


Very unlikely7%



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