CFOs, how much does the relationship with your CEO impact your career decisions?

Major impact66%

Moderate impact0%

Minor impact33%

No impact0%


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CFO in Finance (non-banking), 51 - 200 employees
The relationship with the CEO is everything. When the CEO and CFO are both signing off on the financials that are reported, you have to have this mutual trust and respect. The CEO is a visionary person who thinks of everything possible and tries to chart the right course. When they're charting that course, you want them to be able to do so without thinking of limitations.

Then you have the CFO who is the person who takes that vision and maps out how we get there, what the ROI is, and what the feasibility of pulling off something like this is. To take a vision and put it in dollars and cents is a big part of where a company's going to go, so if you don't have the trust and respect of the CEO, it's very hard for the CFO to work with them on the final picture. That goes both ways. The CFO brings a different perspective on risk management and brings some practical input to the CEO's visions. You need to be in agreement with the financial realities of the business.

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Yes, we use external talent agencies often28%

Yes, we use external talent agencies rarely52%

No, we only leverage internal staff16%

Not sure, I see people come and go not sure if they are internal staff or external talent2%


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