During my first job in IT 13 years ago at IBM, I learned the term CSI: Continues Service Improvement. Since then this term is following me no matter where I work and what type of service I support and provide.  What technology do you think we should focus on to best follow CSI?

IT Service Management (ITSM) Tools28%

Monitoring and Analytics22%

Automation and Orchestration17%

Agile and DevOps Practices16%

Cloud Computing and Virtualization5%

AI-powered Analytics, Chatbots and Virtual Agents, Predictive Maintenance, Intelligent Automation12%


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IT Manager in Transportation, 10,001+ employees
My vote would go to AI :) 
IT Manager in IT Services, 501 - 1,000 employees
My vote would go to the ITSM, as it is making the ICT BAU 24/7 operations truly impactful and optimised.
IT Manager in Miscellaneous, 5,001 - 10,000 employees
Uue the tired and tested - ITSM / ITIL I'd say.

I have worked in ITSM for 25 years, and ITIL is still what I use as the framework unpinning everything.

Do note that CSI is now called CI - Continuous Improvement - ITIL4.  Just to confuse us all with the CIs [Config Items] in the CMDB.

IT Manager, Self-employed
My vote for Automation and Orchestration, since it applies in all layers starting with itam, virtualization and other fields.

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Yes - Maine did the right thing. There are too many security risks with free versions of these tools. Not enough copyright or privacy protections of data.30%

No, but.... - You must have good security and privacy policies in place for ChatGPT (and other GenAI apps). My organization has policies and meaningful ways to enforce those policies and procedures for staff.53%

No - Bans simply don't work. Even without policies, this action hurts innovation and sends the wrong message to staff and the world about our organization.12%

I'm not sure. This action by Maine makes me think. Let me get back to you in a few weeks (or months).3%


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Open AI (Game Changer: adoption w/ChatGPT)40%

Google (Game Changer: inventor of Transformers, Bard)20%

Microsoft (Game Changer: real time BingGPT+Search plus enterprise enablement)18%

Meta (Game Changer: LLM that can run on single GPU)7%

Amazon (Game Changer: TBD)4%

X.AI / Elon Musk (Game Changer: TBD)3%

Baidu (Chinese tech giant, with GPT version released in March)3%

Someone completely new5%


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