Which of the following most closely aligns with your thoughts about AI Networking?

I am already using it in my network21%

I can't wait to leverage it and drive efficiency36%

I plan to investigate but it needs to be proven36%

It is all marketing hype and there is no business case7%

I don't like it at all since it will cost jobs1%


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, Self-employed
I’m looking for solutions that can help me reduce mean time to detection of problems, point to the most frequent problems, help improve network provisioning and be able to perform some level of self-healing and recovery from outages.
, Self-employed
Need to learn more about

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Excited! Their collaboration could redefine phones38%

Cautiously optimistic - Let's see what they can deliver62%

Meh - I'm not sure if the partnership will live up to the hype0%



IPA has significantly improved our operations.7%

IPA has not brought much change to our operations.34%

IPA is very similar to traditional automation in our company.25%

IPA is quite different from traditional automation in our company.10%

Our company had a smooth implementation of IPA.2%

Our company faced some challenges during the implementation of IPA.5%

Our organization has integrated IPA with other technologies such as RPA and BPM.2%

Our organization has not yet integrated IPA with other technologies.8%

We have not yet encountered any significant challenges with IPA.2%

Our organization has automated some processes using IPA.2%


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