What do you believe will be the most significant trend or challenge we will face over the next 5 years? Drop a comment and share why!

The rise of AI and automation in the sales processes50%

Increasing importance of remote selling due to continued work-from-home practices10%

Data privacy regulations affecting customer data collection and usage20%

Increasing competition due to the globalization of sales0%

The need for constant upskilling and training in a rapidly evolving sales landscape20%


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CSO in Construction, Self-employed
Over the last few years, B2B buyers have drastically changed the way they buy. B2B sellers have not evolved with them. This is why you're seeing declining revenue growth and more layoffs. AI will not solve this. 
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Founder | CEO in Services (non-Government), Self-employed

100% agree  sellers are still running the old playbooks without understanding the landscape has evolved and buyers buy differently today. This is an issue from the top down of course. Folks need to start paying attention or we will continue to bleed in revenue. And AI is not the answer. 

CEO, Self-employed
The rise of automation for sure BUT that doesn't mean doom and gloom, it means you must get better! 
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Founder | CEO in Services (non-Government), Self-employed

Amen to that Adam! AI will empower, and amplify what one can do and fill in many gaps but it can not replace that's for sure. 

Evangelism & GTM Strategy in Software, 11 - 50 employees
Education and the speed to adoption. Technology is moving so fast - to ensure people can keep up, we need enablement to step up, we need sales reps to step up…all in all, own the role you possess: learn on your own, secure your future with continuing to adapt to the changes and learning how to flow with them, not against them.
Head of Business Development in Software, 11 - 50 employees
The rise of AI is surely the dominant trend and that implicitly poses the need for everones personal upskilling, likewise it is necessary with any other new methodogly or tools. 
CEO in Hardware, Self-employed
I predict that AI will largely take over most top-of-funnel activities. Prospecting as we know it today will be an anachronism. Fewer sellers will be needed as AI starts to take over the purchasing of commoditized products and solutions, which is already happening today. Transactional sellers will be history, and consultative sellers will be under the gun to differentiate their offerings and customer services to lure customers before their offerings become commoditized. True "sellers" will need to be highly skilled in business acumen to have the level of customer conversations that will resonate with company decision-makers.

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60 days, in line with the WARN Act36%

90 days51%

120 days10%

Other (comment below)3%


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People, processes and culture38%

Fearlessness: Rejection a tool for growth48%

Choosing the right mentor7%

Managing cross cultural teams and clients7%


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Director of Systems Operations in Healthcare and Biotech, 10,001+ employees
By far the best place for me to travel was Shanghai. Loved the city and the vibe. Singapore is also an amazing place to have to be stationed for work.
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