Many years ago we had a discussion as to why there were so few women in the PeerConnect group. That was years ago, and PeerCommunity is open to a wider group. So let’s update the question now. To which Gender do you identify?





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Director in Manufacturing, 1,001 - 5,000 employees
As of September 13th the chart shows it’s 74% male. What is it industry wide in IT? If it’s 75/25 then it will be pretty hard to get to 50/50
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Executive Advisory in Manufacturing, 11 - 50 employees

Good observation. It seems females make up something like 28% of the industry, so a very long way to go. I am not surprised to see only 20% female on this survey as the percentage of females drops as we move up the corporate ladder. 

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Yes, on my own12%

Yes, because I was asked30%

No, but I have been asked18%

No, and never been asked39%


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