What would you say is holding your organization back from going to passwordless MFA solution?

I don’t understand what passwordless MFA entails17%

I’m not sure how passwordless MFA technology would work with other technology I have already invested in47%

I’m not sure how my employees would respond to passwordless MFA37%

Passwordless MFA is too new of technology. How can I trust it?23%

I already trust the current MFA solution I have. I don't care about user friction20%

No budget to invest in a more advanced MFA solutions17%


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CIO in Consumer Goods, Self-employed
I think it's MFA

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Slow recovery response times33%

Data availability is limited49%

Too expensive to scale effectively52%

Difficult to manage for widespread use38%

Prone to misconfiguration12%

No - There are no drawbacks6%


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Already moved away43%

Starting to move away34%

Considering a move away - over 1 to 3 months21%


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