What do you think about chatgpt‘s impact on the future of work?

Augment human tasks80%

Replace human tasks20%


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Head of Data in Banking, 1,001 - 5,000 employees
I would have liked to see two additional answer options for this question: Unforeseen Impacts and All of the Above.  I would have selected All of the Above.  Without a doubt, generative AI will both augment and replace human tasks.  However, I don't think we can even imagine the real impact on the future of work.  Take email for example - it was supposed to make our work lives easier, which it has, but it has also made us the "work anywhere, any time generation", struggling with anxiety and burnout.

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Structure unstructured data23%

Determine what data you need to protect51%

Implement remediations to protect your sensitive data17%

Give role-based access to the sensitive data10%


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Easy to use unified view of data29%

Good data cleansing and transformation capabilities43%

Real-time or near real-time data integration55%

Above average automation capabilities37%

Works with all our applications and systems41%

Data governance support26%

Ability to scale and adapt to new data sources25%

Affordability of the solution16%

Potential for cost optimization11%



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