Is anyone able to share their IT commodity strategy and the key points? 

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Data Scientist in Consumer Goods, 1,001 - 5,000 employees
No only the manager and above can
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I assume what this question is asking is what is my strategy for purchase of commodity items? If so, my main strategy curranty is Amazon with a business prime account to get things ASAP. Going through a VAR takes days and weeks to get quotes and "discounts"  the time and money "saved" is not close to the convince of amazon.
IT Manager in Services (non-Government), 11 - 50 employees
Sourcing through Web markets like Amazon is very quick. But if you need ongoing service support from experts or experienced partners, consider smaller organisations that are still Microsoft partners. They often can't beat larger organisations for the personal touch. Larger organisations are more likely to swap account managers etc. who aren't always up to speed on your setup or requirements.
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Our IT commodity strategy focuses on key points to optimize procurement and standardization. We prioritize vendor consolidation to leverage volume discounts and establish strategic partnerships. Standardizing hardware and software across the organization enhances interoperability and simplifies maintenance. We explore cloud services for scalability and cost savings, assessing security and compliance requirements. Robust vendor management practices ensure quality, service level agreements, and effective contract negotiation. Through these measures, we aim to streamline operations, control costs, and provide reliable and standardized IT resources for our organization.

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Wide administrative rights can cause remote hacking of IT tools by reaching the IAM or business processes.
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