Has anyone created an RFP for pre-implementation consulting services for ERP and associated applications? I'm finding lots of content on picking a system, but not anything about finding a consultant to help us look at our processes and people as part of selecting a group of SaaS software that will be integrated (composable).

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For selecting an impartial ERP pre-implementation consultant, firms like Accenture, Deloitte, KPMG, and Slalom all have professional services that have expertise in this area.

Be clear upfront that they will not be considered for ERP implementation to remain unbiased. Avoid firms that provide their own ERP software due to conflict of interest. Also be wary of "free consulting" offers.
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When seeking pre-implementation consulting services for ERP and associated applications, it's common to create an RFP. This RFP outlines your organization's needs, scope of work, budget constraints, and evaluation criteria. You can find potential consulting firms through directories, industry associations, networking, and recommendations from peers. Crafting a clear and comprehensive RFP will help you identify the right consulting partner to assess your processes, people, and guide your SaaS software selection and integration strategy effectively.
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I have, a couple of ways, and one of them is out for response right now, so I can't tell you how effective it is.

First, we engaged a consultant for a pre-planning study, and the key outputs were:
  * A cost estimate to move to a new ERP for budget planning
  * A review of business processes and associated current ERP functions and/or 3rd party/integrated applications
  * Recommendations for which integrated applications are likely to be sunset or need to stay after a new ERP migration
  * A list of current ERP functions not likely to be usable in a SaaS ERP (at the time of the review, there were a lot of question marks around Award Management in SaaS ERPs)

  * Socializing the change and imparting the benefits of moving to a new, modern SaaS ERP

Now we are moving to select a new ERP.  Our goals for this RFP are to find a partner who will help us:
  * Discuss what needs to go into an RFP for a new ERP

  * Socialize the change.  This is obviously not written directly into the RFP, but instead threaded through the fabric of the process

  * Collaboratively draft the RFP for a new ERP

  * Guide us through the process of evaluating the solutions (including tools the partners might have)
  * Finalize the strategy of parallel/pipeline/serial for FIN, HCM, and SIS

  * Based on technology solution, map what 3rd party apps stay and integrate with the new ERP vs get absorbed

  * Plan our timeline & readiness phase once a new ERP is chosen

We expect to, then issue another RFP to find the best implementation partner for to implement.  I'm in HigherEd, so your mileage may vary.  Socializing change and making people feel included/invested in the change is necessary.

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