What are folks doing re: covid vaccine requirements for employees? Any good standard policies for different sized companies? What do you do for a lone hold-out employee who is remote (but you're planning an all company on-site in a couple months)?

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CISO in Software, 501 - 1,000 employees
I think all we can do at the moment is encourage our staff to have vaccines and also perhaps voluntary survey them about their vaccination status and intentions to take the vaccine. It's not policy currently in NZ.
Director in Manufacturing, 1,001 - 5,000 employees
Unfortunately our firm is continuing with their 100% in the office. It would probably mean your lone holdout would be laid off. Our corporate policy is “You must spend the majority of your working day at the office “. This started back in 2017. During COVID we could work at home. Right now target is 100% back in office by January. We are doing hybrid now A team Monday Wednesday. B team Tuesday Thursday. Friday optional
Chief Information Officer in Manufacturing, 10,001+ employees
Currently, our organization has a policy in place to encourage employees to be vaccinated but it is not mandated to do so. Masks are to be worn inside buildings unless you are in your office. If someone enters your office, then you are to mask up. I agree with this approach and believe that people should have the right to vaccinate or not.
Senior Director, Defense Programs in Software, 5,001 - 10,000 employees
We have an obligation to care for employees, their families, and their communities. Companies that don’t have a timeline for a mandate in countries that have access to vaccines will fall behind. Encouraging registration with cash rewards & raffles are good, but set a deadline, give recovery PTO days, and let them know in advance with enough time for folks to get it done, and make it happen. December 8th is our date (so Nov 24th for final shot).

There will be a small number with valid exemptions, another small number that believe they have but won’t, and likely a very small number that will resign or retire. In our industry, remote doesn’t make a difference in the requirement.

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CTO in Software, 201 - 500 employees
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