Have chatbots made a positive impact on your sales team? Would you recommend others use them?

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Head of Sales in Consumer Goods, 11 - 50 employees
I believe chatbots can be useful for sales teams. If a rep (new or tenured) is hitting a block in coming up with talking points, they could use a tool like ChatGPT to come up with a relevant prompt/talking points.

However, I would coach that rep to make sure that those talking points are used only as a loose framework to get their own ideas flowing, as they would need to refine the chatbot's answer(s). 
Corporate Strategy and Business Development Consultant in Consumer Goods, 10,001+ employees
Chatbots, in my opinion, have revolutionized the sales landscape. They are quickly becoming an essential tool for sales representatives. The traditional entry-level sales role is being reimagined by leveraging chatbots and generative AI, allowing new sales reps to make an immediate impact at the midlevel.

The benefit for sales professionals is the acceleration of tasks, especially during times of cognitive roadblocks. Chatbots provide valuable insights and reminders to help reps perform at their best, whether they're drafting emails, fine-tuning scripts, or honing cold-calling techniques. 

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Stayed the same100%



Buying group is too large0%

Buyers doing too much independent research50%

Unrealistic customer demands50%

Decision maker turnover0%

Speaking to customers too late in the buyer journey0%

Something else (comment below!)0%


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Senior Director, Head of Value (EMEA/APAC) at Certinia in Software, 1,001 - 5,000 employees
Active listening to challenges, pains and objectives
Good discovery facilitation
Support in building a business case
Price flexibility (not drops per se)
Focus on customer experience
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