How do you contribute in a team, where there is no clarity about the product roadmap?

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Product Management Manager in Finance (non-banking), 10,001+ employees
1. At get my team members trainings on product perspective
2. Subdivide a task or project in small segments and assign it to different members and request them to keep aligned on the key goal and keep each other informed about the same
3. Monitor their working at regular intervals and made them understand scope of improvement
4. Will get them on a call with customer facing team and make them heard those customers so that they can understand in better way on why we are building that product and so that they have a mindset on how we are solving for the same 
Product Management Analyst in Finance (non-banking), 10,001+ employees
1. Take your best guesses and decide a roadmap for yourself.
2. Discuss the roadmap with other team mates
3. Get prioritisation started, decide on the task that are more important for customer, as we MVP of the release should be translated out of the product.
4. Given once MVP is out take feedbacks and plan.

This should put you in a good place.
Business Analyst in Software, 51 - 200 employees
1. Initiate communication and encourage honest communication within the team to understand the situation. 
2. Ask questions and clearing any doubts that may arise. 
3. Engaging in brainstorming sessions to collect ideas and explore various possibilities. 
4. Identifying risk and uncertainities that may arise due to absence of a proper roadmap. 
5. Collaborating as per the requirement, keeping a check on the progress, plus staying updated about market trends, competition, and business environment as a whole.

Product Management Manager, Self-employed
Create a High-Level Product Vision and Strategy. 
Determine your audience and tailor your roadmap.
Create strategic product themes. 
Set the product scope and goals. 
Create a hypothesis for your goals.
Stay flexible, as roadmaps will inevitably change.
Product Management Analyst in Manufacturing, 501 - 1,000 employees
When there is no clarity about the roadmap at that time, you collaborate with the team members for open and transparent communication and to understand the product lifecycle. Clarify your doubts by asking questions and documenting them. Reach out to team members individually to gather input and feedback.

Based on your understanding, you can be a helpful resource that can help with the product roadmap.
Product Management Manager in Banking, Self-employed
When faced with a lack of clarity in the product roadmap, I take the initiative to gather information from team members, stakeholders, and available resources. I then help prioritise tasks and create a flexible plan that allows us to adapt to changing circumstances, ensuring we make the most of our resources.
Product Management Manager in Education, 2 - 10 employees
In a team with an unclear product roadmap, I'd proactively facilitate discussions, conduct market research, prioritize short-term goals, and emphasize adaptability to maintain focus and productivity while navigating uncertainty effectively.
Product Management Manager in Media, 11 - 50 employees
One of the most important things you can add value to such a team is to communicate with them and ask them questions about the product roadmap. 
Among the possibilities are:
1. Ask team members about the project scope, goals and objectives, and anything else that's relevant.

2. If the team is struggling to maintain its track record, suggest developing a schedule and offering feedback and suggestions.  

3. Create a shared project plan or roadmap describing all the tasks to be completed and the timeline for completing them, or form a team meeting to discuss the roadmap and develop a plan of action. 
In this way, goals, objectives, and timelines can be clarified, along with the roles and responsibilities of each team member. Moreover, it can help create an effective plan where everyone is on the same page.  

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