How do you ensure that a diverse workforce will be supported and have opportunities to grow?

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Director of HR in Manufacturing, 5,001 - 10,000 employees
I would say we're not super polished up in this area yet. We only raised the pride flag at our corporate office in the Netherlands last year. It was a big deal when it happened and it was very well celebrated. We need this to be our DNA.  If a leader is going to be really great about ensuring equity once you have a diverse workforce, listening has to turn into questions like; “Where am I creating the connections? Where do I create connections? Where do I give people opportunities? How do I create a safe place for everyone to bring their authentic self to the table to network with everyone who they could learn from? How do I make sure that an ERG is not a piece of paper but its actual support network of people and allies and of whatever meaningful support tools are?” Right? Are we providing a forum for people to come together and learn from each other and be in a place where they are safe to ask questions and safe to learn about things that maybe they didn't grow up with.  Alignment with our Diverse Workforce has to occur in every interaction and through being a great absorber of what is important to our Workforce.  Only then can we fully provide the right support and the sought after opportunities.
Director of HR in Transportation, Self-employed
We say “Your job is just one part of your life”. We also say “More than a job, you get a career”. And, we also say “You are in the driver seat of your own career”. Last but not the least, “You form your own career journeys”. We have created platforms to help our people realize their career aspirations. We mainly rely on our recruitment policy which states, any jobs we post must be posted strictly internally for 10 to 15 days, to encourage our internal applicants to apply for these positions. From a talent management perspective, we look at our key talents' interests in geographical mobility. If our internal applicants wish to relocate, we ensure that the benefits from a transition standpoint both short term and long term are taken care of. Besides these, we support our people’s ambition through our very own internal university. We promote lifelong learning that includes shadowing, reverse mentoring, individual coaching, networking etc.

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