How can HR/people tech leaders create a better user experience for their employees?

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Former VP People Tech & Analytics in Software, 5,001 - 10,000 employees
Employees have to engage with so many systems just to solve for an end-to-end flow. The consumer analogy would be like doing payments on one side with one login and then having your shopping experience on another and your search in a third. And that creates quite a challenge from an employee perspective. And if you broaden that scale, an employee has to deal with quite a few functions in their journey of making work happen. So there's finance and there is IT and there's HR. We ought to be talking to our colleagues to think about employee journeys and really stitch it in that ecosystem to bring that one experience to life. That's been a fun learning, and we have been fortunate to find a few creative ways to stitch those experiences and deliver for our employees.

The role of the people function is very central. We play a role in creating productive employees, happy employees. We want to ensure that our managers are truly compassionate as we serve in our functions. And so if we think about that macro that we operate within and really become the stewards of such experiences, I think there's a bunch of work to be done. So some organizations might think about it and say, "Hey, as we go for a given piece of work, if we need to go to three logins and we have to touch eight systems, that's creating pain for me." And so the more we think about journeys and the more we stitch those experiences, I think either we can replace some of the apps out there, or put a layer on top that at least brings it together for our employees who we are all here to serve.

So I think in general if I had a dream, it would be experiences that aggregate the set of activities for employees. Number two would be unified data sets across some of those life cycles, and to really put ourselves in the seats of our employees and think about what they love and what they adopt and what they embrace as a guide for future investments and as a guide for really helping them in their day-to-day worlds.
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Creating a safe environment
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Clarity in policies.  Consistency in all aspects. Focus on skill development

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