What are your go-to GIS platforms for railway applications? I'm currently exploring such and was wondering if anyone could share their insights and recommendations. I'm particularly interested in finding out which GIS platforms are considered the top and best choices for railway-related projects.

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From my research (not experience) I have found out that ESRI ArcGIS is most popular GIS platform chosen by most of the companies. It is good to check your peers' recommendations about the tools they are using and there is a community you could check dedicated for ESRI's user called "ESRI community".
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Dear, good afternoon. Here I leave you an example of what is used in my country referring to your query: https://ferrocarrilesargentinos.com/ hoping it will be useful to you. On the other hand, based on my little experience in the field, I have always heard very good things about QGIS. Perhaps https://carto.com/ can also serve you as a more complete and customized solution. Kind regards.

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