I've been asked by our business to provide 2-5 recommended cyber security consulting companies to our U.S. based financial professionals [FPs] (they're independent contractors, not employees). The purpose is so FPs can hire these consulting companies to complete an assessment/analysis of their security posture. Anyone have any recommendations? Needs to be flexible geographically in the U.S. and cost effective for a very small or individual employee/group.

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Here are some thoughts:

* SideChannel (I work for them). They offer vCISO services, which start with assessing the security posture.
* Kernel Advisory. A small security focused shop that is very flexible. I worked with the CEO.
* Cyber Security and Media Consulting. A consultant with a focus on security assessments. I worked with him.
* Kobalt.io. A MSSP that focuses on SMB. They also have assessment services. I know the CEO.
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Two good firms are:

Anvil Secure https://www.anvilsecure.com/
Semper Sec https://sempersec.com/
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any big4

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