If you had an Enterprise easy button to change one thing in your company what would it be?

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VP Infrastructure and Support Services in Finance (non-banking), 10,001+ employees
The speed for contracts legal review. It is a painful exercise to have things signed.
CIO, Self-employed
Understanding of others language and needs. By this I mean, as a example, the Technology People understand the technology but cannot talk with the Business People and vice versa, so understanding each other.
CIO and Technology Leadership Consultant in Services (non-Government), 11 - 50 employees
My easy button would be to make it simple to add and subtract systems to the network at a specified price with an integrated software costing model for each employee. Tracking the licenses to expand services from more than 30 vendors every time you add to the enterprise makes predicting true costs to enable an employee extremely difficult.

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Competitive Analysis38%

Product Innovation20%


Business Forecasting5%

Other (please note in the comments)4%


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Business expansion8%

Changing business model53%

Compartmentalization due to localized regulatory requirements14%

Cultural changes within organization11%

Customer data privacy concerns6%

Data monetization3%

Emerging risks1%

Improving data governance maturity1%

Introducing new technology1%

Scaling data and analytics ecosystem0%

Not sure1%

We aren’t making changes0%