What is likely to be the long term impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on your operations?

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Director IT | CTO Office | Digital Factory / Industry 4.0 in Hardware, 10,001+ employees
Diversification is the name of the game now. In order for your supply chain or company to not be affected, you have to diversify your portfolio, whether it's country-wise, city-wise or technology-wise. If one region is affected by geopolitical conflict, you’d better be able to handle your workload from another place. Flex is a good example because we're everywhere, so while it does impact us, there's always an outlet enabling you to float certain work somewhere else. That doesn’t eliminate the impact but it at least minimizes it.
VP in Construction, 51 - 200 employees
The uncertainty in the world due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine affected some international companies, and there was concern that the invasion would escalate to affect other countries. Everyone was scared of that because once things escalate to a certain point, everyone is impacted, no matter what region of the world you live in. Even though we live in Africa, many of us would be affected either emotionally, for those of us who have families there, or operationally, for those whose businesses are based in eastern Europe.

These uncertainties surpassed COVID-19 as an area of concern; the pandemic is no longer stopping anyone from working. I will still work remotely but if you are not an IT person, you’re expected to be in the office. Many don’t believe that the virus is still raging, so everyone’s moving ahead with business as usual. For every 10 people, maybe one person is still being cautious. 
Director of Engineering in Software, 11 - 50 employees
Before the invasion of Ukraine, there were a lot of companies ready to hire and a lot of people were ready to move on to new roles. But that changed due to challenges arising from the conflict. Especially given the rates of inflation, companies had to rethink the amount of money that they're ready to invest into hiring. Even individuals looking for new roles started to find it difficult because they were much less likely to get a raise in the process. We’ve seen a lot more hiring problems because of the new monetary policies that we’ve had to invent to adjust to the current situation. Now I'm more interested to look at the costs that we'll have to bear for all the cloud infrastructure, because they will keep increasing.

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