Any recommendations for great training and change management firms that specialize in performance management?  We are rolling out a new process and are seeking design and delivery support through the change.

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While there are big firms available, my recommendation is to manage it internally as you know your organization's maturity curve and needs than anyone else. If still going for external companies would recommend the smaller scale ones and the ones specializing in HR Change management. For trainings aligned to skills, competencies and performance gaps, you can reach out to Kvaluent, they are our partners and does a decent job. Please feel free to connect with me for any advice as have led HR change management initiatives & transformation for multiple organizations. 
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Keep the option of consultants only if you feel you find it difficult to implement the changes.
Consultants charge a bomb and they would actually sit with you to analyse the firms culture and decide what to implement.
The point is usually the top management have more confidence on these consultants to implement new things, they usually do nothing extraordinary.

But yes they can be really helpful in certain cases. Evaluate your needs.
If so have herd that BCG does some good work in change management.
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The question is not very clear, I do know training providers who deliver performance management training along with change management training as part of I troduing new performance management. Let me know and I can introduce.

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