What is the right way for brands to approach Pride Month? How do you balance sales/growth with promoting social awareness?

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Director of Marketing in Education, 201 - 500 employees
Social awareness in our line of work is very important being in higher ed. It is very important to recognize all groups on campus.
Director of Marketing in Software, 51 - 200 employees
As a brand, approaching Pride Month demands a strategic and honest approach that combines sales/growth goals with raising social awareness. Here are some considerations to think about: Alignment with Your Brand Values, Internal Commitment and Diversity, Long-term Commitment, Create Inclusive Advertising and Products, and Engagement with LGBTQ+ Community.
Head- Marketing And Customer Life Cycle in Telecommunication, 10,001+ employees
Pride month gives an opportunity to brands to showcase their thought process, equality, etc. with their internal and external customers. Campaigns to be sensitive and promote equality and respect each other individually. Good recall and create a friendly atmosphere shall boost your business results as well

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Director of Marketing in Software, 51 - 200 employees
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