What's your biggest challenge with Product Led Growth in your tech company?

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CEO in Services (non-Government), Self-employed
There are many issues one could rank as biggest challenge but I would say its assuring the product-market fit and alignment is the most challenging as it's easy to dilute without even realizing it.
Senior Executive Advisor in Software, 10,001+ employees
I feel that in a hyper-dynamic environment, discovering exactly what the customers need and making these features delightful with the user experience that they have grown accustomed to will take a tremendous amount of work. 
So, one of the biggest challenges that a tech company with a product-led growth approach would be prioritization of features or work and finding that balance between proactive and reactive (tech debt reduction, refactoring, bug fixes, etc.).
Co-founder & CEO in Software, 2 - 10 employees
Having spoken with many SaaS leaders on their PLG effort, I believe that the key challenge for companies is preparation.
It's not like companies can just jump on the PLG bandwagon - there are two steps that must be put in place before getting started:
(1) check that the company's external environment and business objective are aligned with a PLG approach - e.g., if the company's ICP has low technical expertise, or the product is very complex to understand at first, PLG may not be the best strategy to pursue

(2) build the foundations for success of the PLG strategy - e.g, re-designing product UX to make sure users understand its value from the get-go (Grammarly is a successful example of that), set up success KPI and build an culture of that encourages running product experiments to optimize those metrics.
For anyone looking for a more in-depth explanation, hopefully these 2 articles can help:
(1) Ten decision factors that can help a company decide between a product-led sales strategy and a traditional sales strategy - Userled
(2) Spilling the Tea on PLG and PMF

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All the backups are corrupted.
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