What are some tech innovation destinations, other than Silicon Valley?

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Before I went to Israel for the first time, I’d never met 20 CEOs in one week, even in the valley. I was fascinated and floored. Now I tell everybody, if you have an opportunity to work in Israel for three months, you should do it. There’s unbelievable rigor, mission and disruption. If you think the valley is great, you might end up rethinking that. It was a fun experience; I learned a lot and came back humble. It’s a great way to go back to the drawing board and reinvent yourself. 
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Boston! There's a significant amount of new ventures and startups fueled by a relatively mature VC market and entrepreneurial support.
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I am not always sure anymore if Silicon Valley is what it was - is it really still an innovation destination or is it just where a lot of the money is?

From a purely North American perspective, a few come to mind. Cambridge, MA and the MIT ecosystem are very significant. Seattle also. I am sure there are many others. In Canada, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver though I am not sure any compare with the sheer volume of output of Silicon Valley. Isreal has a great innovation culture. 

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Without a doubt - Technical Debt! It's a ball and chain that creates an ever increasing drag on any organization, stifles innovation, and prevents transformation.
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