What is a good sustainability road map case study regarding calculation of SCOPE 3 co2 emission?

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Data Scientist in Consumer Goods, 1,001 - 5,000 employees
It should start with planning and the impact it will have to finally implement and monitor
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One notable sustainability road map case study regarding the calculation of Scope 3 CO2 emissions is Walmart's Project Gigaton. Launched in 2017, this initiative aimed to reduce one billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions from Walmart's value chain by 2030. As part of the project, Walmart collaborated with its suppliers to calculate and disclose Scope 3 emissions associated with various activities such as manufacturing, transportation, and product use. By engaging suppliers and leveraging their expertise, Walmart developed a comprehensive approach to measuring and addressing Scope 3 emissions throughout its value chain. This case study demonstrates the importance of collaboration, transparency, and data-driven strategies in tackling Scope 3 emissions to drive sustainability goals.

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