What is the U.S. federal government reporting trigger for contractor supplier diversity and subcontracting plan?  My organization sells to the Federal Gov't and as such, is considered a contractor.  One requirement is reporting on our subcontracting plan with supplier diversity information.   I am looking to verify reporting requirement trigger - is it based on our company classification as a small business or not from North American Industry Classification system (NAICS) or is it based on value of contract we have with the federal government (FAR 19)?

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It has no impact on us.
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Yes, it is also based on the value of the contract you have with federal government. There are some more factors also that determine the submission of reports on supplier diversity and subcontracting plans as part of the contractual obligations.  The reporting trigger for contractor supplier diversity and subcontracting plans is typically based on the size and nature of the contract.

The specific trigger for reporting supplier diversity and subcontracting plans may vary depending on the type of contract, the dollar value of the contract, and whether the contractor is a large or small business.
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The nature and terms of contract will decide the reporting requirements. In our case it is based as per FAR 19 i.e value of contract derived from federal government.

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