What is your view on digital branding, should the brand team do it or not? If yes, than why?

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Fascinating question! If a company has any type of online presence, digital branding is already at play. 

Prospects and clients are already making decisions about the story of the brand. 

Consider digital branding and marketing as a cohesive unit working together. 

It's best if the brand and marketing team are not siloed,  as the brand must reflect with crystal clarity the tribe/target audience that is meant to resonate with it the most. 

Any disconnect and the market will see it and react accordingly.

Hope this helps!
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I'll assume you're referring to your personal branding, not corporate branding. There are pros and cons to having the brand team do it.

- The brand team may do a better job than you could/would.
- The brand team will/should do regular updates to keep your digital brand fresh.
- If you're a rep for the company, then you get any gravitas of the company brand behind you.

- Your digital brand is/should be portable. You won't be with your present company forever, and when you leave the company you'll need to redo your personal brand by yourself.
- Customers also want to know who they're speaking with, not just the company. They develop trust with people, not companies.

If your question was more about whether should you do the branding in-house or outsource it to a PR/brand consultant, that will be driven by the skill of your internal branding team.
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If your brand team isn’t doing digital branding, what are they doing? If you are talking digital marketing or digital advertising, brand should still be involved. They key is having a consistent brand identity throughout all of your channels and materials.

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