When you’re undertaking major changes, how do you ensure managers effectively convey to their teams the personalized impact of these initiatives?

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Executive Architect in Healthcare and Biotech, 10,001+ employees
Managers should report back to leadership on how they have communicated initiatives to their teams, as well as how they confirmed team members' understanding of new practices.
Chief Technology Officer in Software, 51 - 200 employees
Few pointers we should think:

>> Clear Communication Strategy

>> One-on-One Discussions

>> Open and Transparent Communication

>> Use Real-Life Examples

>> Address Concerns and Questions

>> Continuous Feedback Loop

>> Empower Managers to Make Decisions

>> Provide Resources and Support

>> Leadership Visibility

>> Measure and Communicate Success
CIO / CDO in Construction, 10,001+ employees
I can see here that Vanshul Chawla has already touched upon a lot of the most important ingredients to a successful change/transformation communication plan.
Just want to add a few thoughts here to consider:

- one time vs ongoing activities in your communication strategy
- joint (you and your management team) vs individual (your managers only) efforts
- townhalls (I happen to find them super useful)
- off-sites (yes, quite an effort, perhaps somewhat costly but may be worth if well setup and organized)
- don't count too much on email newsletters should there be other tools available and more appreciated depending on your company culture (eg. internal social media, effective slogans + crucial milestones/news on billboards/displays in offices etc.)
- NEVER lie or make up a story - our people deserve honesty, transparency even if truth can sometimes be impactful and/or career/life changing
- a detailed roadmap (what, who, when) enabling the strategy

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