What is your take on this article by Joe Peppard about the need to get rid of IT Departments? https://www.wsj.com/articles/get-rid-of-the-it-department-11637605133?mod=djemCIO

My reply to the article https://www.cio.com/article/3643371/no-you-cannot-get-rid-of-your-it-department.html

Anonymous Author
I don't think we will ever fully get rid of the department and as long as people are working with technology, there will be a need to harmonize some of the efforts for efficiency's sake.
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I like the idea that IT is the business, but pushing out the team to be decentralized scares me a little. It might work in a smaller org, but in larger organisations I think you would lose some of the advantages of scale and end up solving the same issues multiple times.
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Honestly, the title made me frown a little bit when I first read it and also intrigued me to dig in. I am convinced whether you like it or not, it is coming. IT has been spoken of as the "partner" within the business depts.,  since for as long as I can recall. So, it is imperative that the partner know the depths of the business function/department it is supporting. And that is possible when the IT engineers and coders have formal training and can work glove in hand with functional teams and vice versa. I have two currently in college studying to become investments bankers and both have taken coding and IT concentration classes... Joe's article is right on!